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Phyllis Personal Trainer Ascend Fit


  • Weight Loss Training

  • Body Transformation

  • Sports Specific Training

  • Health and Nutrition




  • Diploma in Business

  • Higher Nitec in Event Management

  • Nitec in Business

  • 3 years of Workout Experience (2024)

  • < 1 year of Personal Training Experience


In her formative years, Phyllis grappled with the persistent criticism of being labeled "too boney" and "too skinny." Even in the realm of sports, her petite frame was often met with dismissive glances. It was through her involvement in dragon boat racing that Phyllis first stepped foot into the gym. Witnessing the transformative power of fitness in her own life ignited a fierce passion within her.


From that moment on, Phyllis made it her mission to not only cultivate her own strength and resilience but also to share her newfound knowledge and expertise with others. Her journey from feeling underestimated to becoming a beacon of inspiration is a testament to the indomitable spirit within her.


Today, Phyllis stands as a living example of the profound impact determination and dedication can have on one's life, embodying the essence of women's empowerment as she inspires others to embrace their strength and value.​


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Upper Serangoon

780 Upper Serangoon Road #01-04/05/06

Singapore 437024

Serangoon Garden

​53 Serangoon Garden Way

Singapore 555949

Jurong Summit

​8 Jurong Townhall Rd, #02-00 JTC Summit

Singapore 609434

Chai Chee

​750B Chai Chee Rd, #02-01A ESR Biz Park

Singapore 469002


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