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Vivek Personal Trainer Ascend Fit




  • Health and Nutrition

  • Strength Training

  • Sports Specific Training

  • Muscle Building


  • Diploma in Screen Media

  • 2 years fitness trainer at Singapore's Police Academy

  • 1.5 years of Workout Experience (2024)

  • < 1 year of Personal Training Experience


Throughout his life, Vivek struggled with being skinny and severely underweight, enduring taunts from schoolmates that chipped away at his self-esteem. However, upon enlisting, he made a steadfast decision to transform his physique. Harnessing every resource available, he immersed himself in online learning and gradually began to witness remarkable changes.


Along this transformative journey, Vivek not only sculpted his body but also honed his discipline and resilience, emerging stronger than ever before. Now, fueled by his own remarkable journey, Vivek aspires to empower others to undergo their own transformations, fostering growth and resilience in every individual he encounters.


What Our Clients Say


Upper Serangoon

780 Upper Serangoon Road #01-04/05/06

Singapore 437024

Serangoon Garden

​53 Serangoon Garden Way

Singapore 555949

Jurong Summit

​8 Jurong Townhall Rd, #02-00 JTC Summit

Singapore 609434

Chai Chee

​750B Chai Chee Rd, #02-01A ESR Biz Park

Singapore 469002


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Anytime Fitness Singapore
Anytime Fitness Singapore
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Anytime Fitness Singapore
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